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Pyrex Replacement Lids

Pyrex Replacement Lids

In today’s modern economy, people are looking for ways to save money on their food bills.  The idea is to keep food edible for as long as possible.  Fruits and vegetables have the potential to last a couple of weeks, but leftovers and other more perishable items do not do as well.  Baggies and plastic wrap are conventional tools in the kitchen, but storage can sometimes be a problem. 
We have seen infomercials that market vacuum packers that seal food with an airtight seal.  Those machines can be a hassle to operate and sometimes it is difficult to find replacement bag.  There is  a new, yet old way to store food in the refrigerator in the sealed environment while having the ability to store food in an organized fashion.  They are called Pyrex food containers; these containers are made of glass.  Glass is a material that is completely dishwasher safe and airtight, unlike the plastic containers that discolor and warp.

The Pyrex food containers come in different sizes for different uses.  The size of the container will only be limited by the type of food needed to be stored.  A half eaten sandwich would be sufficient for a small container.  However, soups, spaghetti, goulash or other casserole type foods will need a larger container.  The beauty of the Pyrex food containers is that they come in different sizes.  You use only the amount that you need.  You then have more space in your refrigerator for storage.  Too many times all of us have found perfectly good food that has gone to waste because it got pushed to the back.  These efficient containers are stackable and have the ability to be organized by you the consumer.  If you use the clear class bowls, it allows you to see the contents that are inside.

The beauty of the glass bottoms is that they will not stain or warp.  You may use these in the dishwasher.  The seal tight lids will keep food inside even if you turn the bowls upside down.  The lids can be washed in the dishwasher if you use the top rack.  You can even reheat the food in the microwave without even removing the food from the container.  Cold items such as ice cream can be put directly in the freezer for convenient storage.  The construction of the glass bowls is such that it doesn’t leach plasticizers into food like plastic does.  Treated properly, Pyrex storage containers will last a lifetime plus.  Plastic is definitely cheaper, but in the long run you will save money with Pyrex Storage Bowls because you will not have to buy replacements when they warp or melt.
The best way to care for your glass containers is to use countertop water filters to ensure they are sanitary.  If you use a chocolate or cheese fondue fountain to dip food items in, you can save them for later use in these containers.